TRACKER is the ONLY stolen vehicle recovery system operated by all police forces across the UK.

Unlike GPS/GSM tracking solutions, TRACKER’s VHF technology is helping in the war against ‘jamming’. Jamming is a technique used by thieves across Europe to block a satellite signal to a GPS receiver, or prevent GSM based communication with the tracking device, making it impossible to trace a stolen vehicle.

All TRACKER units are equipped with VHF (very high frequency) which allows immunity from any frequency jamming devices known to man.

TRACKER has recovered vehicles collectively worth over £400 million pounds since 1993 and enabled the police to make over 1900 arrests.

TRACKER are wholly owned subsidiary of the Insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. With the backing of a major international banking group behind them, you can be rest assured that they are here for the long term unlike other tracking companies.


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