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The Navigation system Professional gives the driver a 3D design combined with an innovative display concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia – for maximum comfort and information en route to your destination.

There are many advantages to the fully-integrated Navigation system Professional: sensors monitor the wheels and the steering angle and can localise the vehicle at all times. This means the system can be relied on to navigate even when the GPS signal is weak (e.g. in a tunnel).

Integration of the Professional system makes navigation much easier and the different functions complement each other; for instance, the volume is automatically lowered before a navigation announcement is made.

The high-resolution display – in colour and up to 8.8 inches large with a split-screen function, depending on model – shows directions and map view, as well as maps in 3D and a photo-realistic depiction of places of interest, if desired.

All menus are presented in virtual, three-dimensional views and calculated in real time. A fast, 1.3 GHz processor with built-in 3D graphic chip permits fluid browsing and scrolling; animations and dynamic transitions make it fun to use. Sub-menus are faded in while the main menus move into the background, but still stay visible. This allows the driver to interact with the vehicle and keep track of his exact location in the menu structure.

The on-board computer’s functions are also shown on the Control Display, which also has a DVD drive (audio and video DVD, M3 decoder) and a 200 GB hard drive for multimedia data.

The Navigation system Professional allows practical interaction from the first step: for optimal orientation the driver is shown the selected location in a split screen with the map view. Depending on his needs, he can use the zoom function to change the section shown and thus check if the view shown is the one he meant.

In the interactive map view the driver can turn the knob on the iDrive Controller to change the size or tilt it to move the section of the map shown in different directions, even diagonally. When a point on the map is selected, the so-called PIE menu opens: depending on availability, one click here shows points of interest in the area and relevant details about them and the driver can then start navigation to his destination of choice.

The navigation system is operated via the iDrive Touch Controller. Its touch-sensitive multi-touch surface allows the driver to input letters of the alphabet with his finder and also permits navigation and zooming in maps or the internet. Voice Control allows the driver to perform certain navigation functions (e.g. enter destination) without taking his hands off the steering wheel. A destination can be entered as a so-called one-shot, with city, street and building number all in one line.


Package includes:

  1. New High resolution Screen
  2. I Drive Controller
  3. Navigation GPS
  4. Wiring
  5. Coding Service
  6. 12 Months Warranty.
  7. Disk Drive (CD-MP3 / WMA / DVD)
  8. Built-in Navigation System
  9. HDD 200 GB
  10. Integrated Bluetooth
  11. 10.2 inches display with a Resolution of 1280×480 pixels
  12. Processor 1.3 GHz
  13. Internet Access via Bluetooth
  14. Convertation of audio files from CD to the hard drive
  15. Direct access to the functions that are most commonly used by the driver: audio, telephone and navigation
  16. Free Nationwide Installation.


Free Installation

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We guarantee to have an engineer attending site within 5 working days (mainland UK only), we will post out the product via our courier service or if preferred our engineer can bring all equipment and parts with him on the day of installation. On completion of the installation our engineer will demonstrate and set up your product.

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