Protecting your Bentley from theft is a top priority for any owner. Perfectly suited to all models, our Trackers allow you to keep track of your vehicle’s location.

With the ability to locate your car, even if it is underground in a container, our Tracker security products give you complete peace of mind. They even include anti-signal jamming technology.

Our Vodafone security solutions provide similar levels of protection, with 3-way location tracking and their own app.

We supply and install insurance approved trackers for Bentleys - contact us if you need help choosing the right option for you.

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Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered Tracker

Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered Insurance ApprovedProtecting your assets is a top priority. However..


Tracker Monitor S7

Tracker Monitor S7 Insurance Approved Monitor S7 is part of TRACKER family of security products..


Tracker Locate S7

Tracker Locate S7 Insurance Approved Tracker Locate S7 integrates the best security features of..


Vodafone Protect + Connect 6

Vodafone Protect + Connect 6 Insurance Approved Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 is a high-tech..


Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 / CAT 5

Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 / CAT 5 Insurance ApprovedVodafone Protect & Connect S5/CAT5 i..