Our insurance and Thatcham-approved Lamborghini trackers come with a free installation service nationwide. They include battery-powered options, the Monitor S7 and our top-of-the-range Vodafone Protect and Connect S5, which is CAT 5 insurance-approved.

Our vehicle trackers for Lamborghini offer constant communication between Vodafone Automotive's Secure Operating Centre and the Lamborghini's security module, using special pocket-sized Automatic Driver Recognition cards, the anti-theft system expects at least one card to be in range when the car's ignition is turned on. If an ADR card is not present, the security module alerts Vodafone about a potential theft situation.

Trackers are supplied with a free nationwide installation service.

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Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered Tracker

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Tracker Monitor S7

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Tracker Locate S7

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Scorpion Thatcham S5

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Scorpion Thatcham S7

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Vodafone S6 /S7 Protect + Connect

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Vodafone S5 Protect & Connect

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