Autologics provides a comprehensive retrofit service for a whole range of Volkswagen cars including the VW Golf, Caddy, Transporter, Touran, Sharron, Tiguan and Passat. We can install retrofit reverse cameras, parking sensors and trackers, which all come with free fitting, either at your home or workplace.

Our Volkswagen fitted reverse camera makes driving into any tight parking space easy. Fully integrated into the existing screen, the camera will automatically start up as soon as you put your car in reverse gear. It uses augmented reality colour lines to provide you with a clear idea of the available space.

VW parking sensors will help you manoeuvre into those tight spaces. Known for being the most intelligent sensor system on the market today, they are designed to fit all Volkswagen vehicles and can be professionally colour-coded and lacquered to match the exact colour of your car.

Enhance your vehicle's security with the VW Autowatch Ghost 2: a high-tech immobiliser that doesn't use key fobs or LED indicators, it can go unnoticed should your car be targeted by a would-be thief.

Boost your car's security further with our range of insurance and VW-approved trackers, including the Tracker Retrieve, with its own internal battery that can last up to five years in standby mode.

Autologics provides a full nationwide installation service, at your home or work address and a one-year parts and labour warranty.