Autologics is proud to offer a range of Lamborghini retrofits including reverse cameras, parking sensors, immobilisers and trackers.

A supercar like a Lamborghini can be difficult to reverse, but our exclusive Lamborghini reverse camera will fit discreetly in your car, so you won't have to worry about damaging the bumper. We can install it free of charge at your home or work address.

Our package of Lamborghini parking sensors includes four front and four rear sensors, front control unit and front and rear audio and visual display. Professionally colour-coded, they are a perfect match and come in an all-weather, IP67-rated design.

Protect your car with our insurance and Thatcham-approved Lamborghini trackers, including battery-powered options and our top-of-the-range Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 - a CAT 5 insurance-approved tracker.

Make life tough for would-be car thieves with our Lamborghini Autowatch Ghost - the smallest automotive immobiliser ever designed. Concealed in your vehicle, so it's almost impossible to detect, it doesn't use key-fobs or LED indicators, helping it to go unnoticed.