Autowatch Ghost 2

Autowatch Ghost 2


Unlike traditional automotive immobilizers, Autowatch Ghost 2 offers you greater flexibility and most importantly better protection. First and foremost, Autowatch Ghost 2 does not use key-fobs or LED indicators which means that it will go unnoticed at sight. Additionally, Autowatch Ghost 2 is hidden within the car’s wiring making it almost impossible to find. Those features define Autowatch Ghost 2 stealth nature, only you will be aware of its existence, which translates into an additional layer of protection since criminals won’t attempt to deactivate it.

How Does the Ghost Work?

Autowatch Ghost 2 also offers you automatic protection. It's immobilizer function automatically engages each time the ignition is turned off. To start the car you will need to enter a code using your car existing buttons (steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, seats, any button you previously programmed). The PIN code can be up to 20 presses long making it almost impossible to guess. Once you ingress your code you will be able to start the engine and drive normally until you switch off the ignition and leave the car. Autowatch Ghost 2 working principle makes it simple yet effective against key cloning, hacking, and other types of theft. Its automatic protection ensures your car will always be safe.

Service and Valet Mode

There will be occasions when you would need to deactivate Autowatch Ghost 2 automatic protection, such as during a car wash, or mechanical service. Autowatch Ghost 2 has an special feature for such occasions called “Service Mode”. During service mode, the code needed for starting the car won’t be needed, however, the car maximum speed will be limited to 36mph while in this mode to prevent abuse of even theft.

Pin Change

You can change the pin at any time and as many times as you like


Autowatch Ghost can be fitted to any vehicle make and model.

Key Features of Autowatch Ghost 2

  • No wire cutting means safer installations
  • Immobilization by communicating with the ECU
  • PIN code via buttons on steering wheel/dash
  • Undetectable using diagnostics
  • Prevents Key Cloning and ECU Swapping
  • Cannot be bypassed using standard theft methods
  • No radio frequency signals
  • No additional fobs
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • Silent, no relay operation
  • Unique user changeable PIN code
  • Service / Valet mode means the PIN code is never compromised
  • The secure, unique emergency code should the PIN be forgotten

Free Tracker With Mobile App

With ever Autowatch Ghost II installation we provide our very own Tracker and App fully fitted so you can keep track of your car aswell as protect it with the Autowatch Ghost. This a free limited time offer. A yearly subscription is required for the Tracker which is £65 per year and this cost is only for the Tracker and not the Autowatch Ghost. The Tracker and Ghost can be transferred to any vehicle and yours to keep for life. 

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