BMW i3 Reverse Camera

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The argument that reversing cameras are “a non-essential luxury option” proved to be wrong when back-up cameras became obligatory on the United States back in 2018. That’s why the objective of this article is assisting you in How To Choose the Best Rear View Camera Retrofit for Your BMW i3.  


Why You Should Buy a Rear View Camera for your BMW i3?


The main reason supporting the installation of a reverse camera on your BMW i3 is safety. Even when BMW engineers did a superb job with i3 visibility, chances are that you might occasionally overlook some obstacles and therefore have undesired collisions.  

But there is a second reason that is sometimes neglected, BMW i3 is constructed from next-gen materials such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) thus a Rear View camera may prevent dents and scratches and their respective repair bills.


How To Choose The Best Rear View Camera Retrofit for Your BMW i3

There are several factors to consider when buying a reverse camera retrofit kit for your beloved BMW i3.


Camera Lens Angle


Without any doubt, the viewing angle is a key factor you should be aware of. The wider the angle the better. Cameras with narrow viewing angles will hamper your ability to detect obstacles, especially moving objects. 


Camera Location


Depending on the camera kit manufacturer, its location can become an issue. Ideally, you want a camera using a location that does not ruin the great BMW i3’s design. Cameras installed in the rear bumper or the hatch handle are more discrete (and preferable) than other models.


Optical Sensor Resolution


Just like smartphone cameras, you want a back-up camera with good image resolution for your i3. The higher the resolution, the better. Full High Resolution (FHD) 1080p Rear View cameras offer an amazing and crisp image even during the worst weather conditions.


Auto Start Feature


Most retrofit kits for the BMW i3 include the “Auto Start Feature” that activates the reversing camera as soon as you put the i3 in reverse. However, it’s a good idea to double-check if this convenient feature is included because does not makes sense buying a “manual start” backup-camera in a hi-tech car like the i3.


OEM Integration


Tight integration with original factory systems is definitely a must when choosing the best Rear View camera retrofit for your BMW i3. That’s why you have to be sure to ask about this important feature before taking a final decision. What you need to look for is full compatibility with BMW’s iDrive in-car communications and entertainment system, as well as i3’s parking sensors.


Retrofit Kit Quality


Last but not less, the overall quality of the retrofit kit is another important factor to consider. While it is true that OEM-like kits cost more, it is also true that your BMW i3 deserves it. Do you really want to install a poor quality reversing camera kit on one of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet?


Autologics’ BMW i3 Reverse Camera Retrofit Kit


It should not be a surprise that our technical team at Autologics offers the best all-around BMW i3 Reverse Camera Retrofit Kit available in the UK. But don’t take our word for granted, check it yourself:

  • Wide-angle 130° viewing angle lenses.
  • The rear camera is located at the rear bumper, exactly as per BMW specification.
  • High-definition, FHD 1920x1080 optical sensor resolution for vivid images.
  • Automatic Assist (Auto Start) feature included.
  • Integrates with existing BMW i3 MMI screen, iDrive, and parking sensors.
  • OEM-quality on all components.
  • Plus several other unique features such as 100% shockproof and waterproof camera, Augmented Reality Technology, Easy Park Assist, and Smart Obstacle Detection!

Discover more details about this awesome product visiting our BMW i3 Reverse Camera Retrofit page.