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There was a time when parking sensors were considered by many motorists as “an unnecessary luxury option”. But time has passed and nowadays every major brand offers the option of including their own variation of what is known as a “Parking Assist System”.


If you own a Mercedes-Benz without the parking assist feature then this article is for you because we will be exploring the Best Parking Sensors for 2018 Mercedes A-Class. 



As its names imply, a Parking Assist System is designed to help the driver during parking maneuvers. Most of the time, the help consists of audible, visual, or audio-visual assistance to inform the driver about available space while parking. Proximity sensors called parking sensors are usually installed on the bumpers with the goal of measuring such distances.


Recently, Mercedes-Benz introduced one of the most advanced parking assist systems with its proprietary PARKTRONIC® technology with Active Parking Assist. This semi-autonomous system allows the driver to parallel park the vehicle by only controlling acceleration, brake, and gear. The integrated computers calculate parking spot space, handle the steering wheel for you,  and alert about available space.


Unfortunately, PARKTRONIC® is only available for C-Class, E-Class, GLC Class, and GLE-Class Mercedes-Benz. So, what about Mercedes-Benz A-Class? What options do you have?


2018 Mercedes Retrofit Parking Sensors

Not every aftermarket parking sensor kit is created equal. There are a few key aspects that you should pay attention to:


  • Sensors quality 
  • Sensors compatibility with Mercedes OEM systems.
  • Sensors aesthetics and how they might affect your car.


Parking Sensors Quality

You need to keep in mind that many aftermarket kits are designed to fit a wide arrange of vehicles. This kind of parking sensor kits is known as “generic”. The quality of generic parking sensors can vary a lot. After all, these products are targeted to a budget-minded audience. Think of subcompact cars, small utility vehicles, etc. Price is the main concern of customers buying a generic parking sensor kit.

On the other hand, high-quality Mercedes parking sensors specifically tailored to meet the demanding Mercedes OEM specifications belong to a different category altogether. 


Compatibility With Mercedes-Benz Systems

Another key factor to take into account is compatibility with your Mercedes A-Class. Avoid buying cheap parking sensor kits. What you need is high-quality 2018 Mercedes retrofit parking sensors with full compatibility with vehicle systems. Specifically, look for parking sensors with CAN-BUS intelligent modules designed for Mercedes. That way you ensure automatic activation of the parking assist features.


Parking Sensors Aesthetics

Many owners overlook this point. Until it’s too late. Always consult if the 2018 Mercedes retrofit parking sensors you intend to buy are color-coded with the paint of your vehicle. Getting the exact match with your Mercedes is crucial. Next, consult about parking sensors design. Look for Mercedes parking sensors with semi-flush designs. The last thing you want is having several ugly sensors coming out of your bumpers. Try to buy discrete parking sensors, designed for Mercedes-Benz.


Bonus Points

You can recognize top-performance 2018 Mercedes retrofit parking sensors when you included features such as:

  • Control units specifically designed for Mercedez-Benz.
  • Advanced algorithms to prevent false-positive alerts.
  • IP67 waterproof parking sensors and cabling.
  • Intelligent obstacle detection parking sensors compatible with spare tires, metal bars, bike car racks, and other accessories.

Another big plus is a professional installation service. You own a Mercedes, don’t let inexperienced personnel damage your gorgeous car paint using inappropriate tools or techniques.