Autowatch Ghost Pin Code Change

How To Change Your Autowatch Ghost Pin Code

1- Turn on your vehicle ignition (full ignition lights but do not start the vehicle)

2- Enter your current pin code you are using

3 - Press and hold the accelerator pedal down to the floor (Do not release)

4 - Enter your current pin code again

5 - Release the accelerator pedal

6 - Your service light for your vehicle will start to flash every 3 seconds. (indicators , engine light, highbeam light)

7 - Now choose your new pin code (your service light will flash each time you press a button to indicate it is accepted)

8 - Once you have choosen your new code your service light will flash 3 times

9 - Repeat the entry of your new pin number code

10 - Your service light will flash 2 times to indicate the new code has been accepted.

11 - Turn your vehicle ignition off

12 - Your pin code has now been changed.