Audi A1 Reverse Camera

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Not sure about the benefits of installing a reversing camera in your Audi A1? 

If that’s the case then this article 4 REASONS TO GET A REVERSING CAMERA ON YOUR AUDI A1 is for you. Investing in a high-quality Audi A1 reverse camera retrofit kit would give you peace of mind, assist you in difficult maneuvers even during bad weather, and save you time and money in repair bills.

Increased Safety

Safety has always been important to AUDI and the A1 is no exception. It counts with high-level safety features such as audiovisual pre-collision warning, adaptative cruise control, and lane departure warning. Adding a high-quality reversing camera retrofit kit is just the next logical step. High-definition images combined with augmented reality guiding lines can assist you to prevent unintentional collisions, or worse, hurting a pedestrian.

Prevent Scratches and Dents

The A1’s aggressive look is one of its signature features. It would be a shame ruining its exceptional paint and body with scratches and dents caused by a fortuitous collision. Not to mention other consequences such as the repair bill, insurance claim, time lost, and more. Fortunately, you can prevent all that from affecting your daily routine by installing a backup camera in your A1. The wide-angle lens will provide you a clear vision of any obstacle in the rear, allowing you to take better decisions while maneuvering, especially in tight parking spots. 

Ease Parking Maneuvers

AUDI vehicles are well known for its outstanding maneuverability. The A1 steering ratio is nothing short of spectacular. Reverse parking the A1 is not hard to do, however, its low ground clearance might become a problem for some motorists. Once again, a high-quality reversing camera retrofit kit can save you from troubles. Modern reverse cameras come preloaded with intelligent software that allows interesting features like “Smart Obstacle Detection”. As its name implies, this feature “detects” stationary and even moving objects (like pedestrians) and alerts you about its presence. A handy functionality for sure. So, even if you are distracted, A1 reverse camera retrofit kits with “Smart Obstacle Detection” can alert you of danger in order to avoid accidents.

Weather Conditions

No matter if you have perfect sight, bad weather conditions can decrease rear visibility as much as 90%. If you live in the UK that could be a problem. Depending on the season and area where you live on, heavy rain, snow, and even hail storms could be a common issue. Installing a high-resolution reversing camera has a lot of sense to improve your vision while parking under such situations. A Full High Definition (FHD) reverse camera can become your best option to assist you and detect nearby obstacles and calculate the distance to other vehicles. Premium features like the aforementioned “Smart Obstacle Detection” are invaluable too when you can’t rely on your sight alone.

Autologics’ Audi A1 Reverse Camera Retrofit Kit

At Autologics security is our main concern. That’s why our technical team has put together the best Audi A1 reverse camera retrofit kit in the UK. Our kit is fully loaded with premium features that will assist you even during the most challenging conditions. Check it by yourself:

  • Wide-angle 130° viewing angle lenses.
  • The rear camera is located at the rear bumper, exactly as per AUDI specification.
  • High-definition, FHD 1920x1080 optical sensor resolution for vivid images.
  • Automatic Assist (Auto Start) feature included.
  • Integrates with existing Audi screen, fully compatible with Audi parking sensors.
  • OEM-quality on all components.
  • Smart Obstacle Detection automatically alerts you of stationary and moving obstacles, including low-down obstacles that other cameras cannot detect.
  • Plus several other unique features such as 100% shockproof and waterproof camera, Augmented Reality Technology, and Easy Park Assist!

Discover more details about this awesome product visiting our Audi Reverse Camera Retrofit page.