Mercedes DAB Digital Radio

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Mercedes DAB Digital Radio


Is it worth installing a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in your Mercedes? If you enjoy listening to the radio while driving then yes, it worth installing a Mercedes DAB digital radio. Furthermore, if you live in the UK you should definitely do it as soon as possible. Why? Because the days of analogue AM/FM radio are numbered.


Switching off AM/FM radio signals should come as no surprise. The UK has been a pioneer in DAB adoption since its beginnings to the point that nowadays DAB radio listeners surpass conventional AM/FM radio for the first time. As with B&W TV, analogue radio is bound to be forgotten. This is not speculation, Norway already started switching off FM signals back in 2017. That said, installing a Mercedes DAB digital radio is more about being pragmatic. DAB radio systems are fully compatible with current AM/FM radios, so you will end up with the best of both worlds.


Still undecided about digital radios? Let’s review the advantages of Mercedes DAB digital radio systems.


A higher number of available stations

If you love listening to the radio then you will definitely be more than happy with the extensive number of stations available thanks to DAB technology. The UK currently has one of the world's biggest digital radio networks with over 500 transmitters across the country. That’s about double of FM stations currently available. So, basically, by installing a Mercedes DAB radio you are increasing the number of choices by a factor of 2. Not bad at all, considering that most commercial broadcasting stations are still moving to this technology.


Better signal quality

Arguably, one of the biggest pain points of FM radio has to do with its signal quality. Imagine you are listening to your favourite song or breaking news and suddenly the signal is lost due to interference. Experiencing fading FM signals producing annoying hisses is not uncommon. One of the benefits of DAB technology is offering better signal quality. You still can experience a loss of signal, but only when it’s too weak to be processed. As long as you have enough signal sound quality remains unaffected.


Ease of use

AM/FM signals were not designed for the information age. Their main job is carrying the sound. On the other hand, Digital Audio Broadcasting technology was researched back in the 1980s almost in parallel with modern computers. As you may expect, the DAB signal carries information in a digital format. That allows the DAB module installed on your vehicle to receive all relevant data and show it on screen. With a push of a button, you get the station name, what artist is playing, programme, track name, and much more. Another neat feature of DAB technology is that you can switch between stations ‘instantly’ without any lag. Since the signal is digital you don’t need to wait for the receiver to tune the station.


Can I install any DAB radio in my Mercedes?

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t. As you surely know, your Mercedes it's a technological wonder, with dozen of modules communicating with each other. All systems are tightly integrated to achieve the ‘Mercedes user experience’ you love. To keep it that way, you should only install a DAB module compatible with your Mercedes audio system. Fortunately, at Autologics we count with the best Mercedes DAB radio units and professional installation service in the UK. 


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