Mercedes Reverse Camera

Posted by Simon R 18/01/2020 0 Comment(s)

Mercedes Reverse Camera


In case you are not aware of recent breakouts in automotive technology, you can significantly improve your safety while parking by using a reverse camera. This device is so effective that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had made them mandatory for vehicles 2018 onward.


But why they became so important? Simple. Reverse cameras help to prevent accidents in which pedestrians (often children) are run over because they are in the driver’s “blind spot”. If that’s not enough motivation, most car insurance companies offer significant premium discounts for people using reverse cameras. That said, are you using a reverse camera in your Mercedes yet? No? Then you should.


Benefits of installing a reversing camera in your Mercedes

Safety should always come first. And reversing cameras have proved to be effective to save lives. This is not a biased opinion. There are plenty of studies backing up the use of these devices. If you Google a bit you will easily find dozens, like this one “Real-world evaluation of the effectiveness of reversing camera and parking sensor technologies in preventing backover pedestrian injuries” or this one “Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Rear-View Camera Systems as a Countermeasure for Truck Backing Crashes: Lessons Learned from Actual Field Deployment”. So there is no debate about the most important benefit of reverse cameras, they save lives. Even if you trust 100% in your abilities as a motorist, you can not deny that accidents happen, especially if you are distracted.


Secondly comes potential money savings from using reversing cameras. We have already mentioned car insurance benefits, but there is another way that makes reverse cameras a must for Mercedes owners. Reversing cameras can assist you during difficult parking manoeuvres and thus save you thousands in repairs. As you may know, Mercedes have invested millions in developing their vehicles. Bumpers, fenders, and the paint job, everything uses top-notch technology. That explains why what at simple sight seems like a simple scratch is so expensive to restore to its original condition. Want to keep your Mercedes from accidents at parking lots? Then install a reverse camera.


Upgrading your Mercedes costs less than you might think

There are two factors that hold some Mercedes owners from buying a reverse camera, even after acknowledging their unquestionable benefits. One is its costs. They can’t imagine a high-quality camera being cheap. And two, the compatibility with other systems already installed. Fortunately, Autologics distributes and installs the best Mercedes reversing camera systems in the UK (and they cost less than you might think). Moreover, our Mercedes reverse camera kits offer high-resolution images, complete compatibility with your existing parking sensors and other Mercedes systems, and best of all, they are top quality like all Autologics products.


What are you waiting for? Upgrade your Mercedes now, make it safer for you and others. Give us a call today to book an appointment!