New Mercedes Sprinter Reverse Camera

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Mercedes 2019 Sprinter Reverse Camera


Without any doubt, the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best full-size vans currently in the market. Available in two wheelbase lengths for both, cargo and passenger versions, the Mercedes Sprinter can be configured to almost any need. It can be customized to serve as an ambulance, high-class hotel shuttle, camper van, cargo, utility passenger-cargo van, anything you can imagine. 


The 2019 year model includes several enhancements that reinforces Mercedes leading position as a reliable commercial vehicle manufacturer. The third-generation Sprinter sports a slight change in its look, optional 10.25” infotainment touchscreen, the long-requested wireless smartphone charging, USB Type C outlets, as well as driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, active brakes, attention assist, hill-start assist and headlight Assist. However, one missing element of the standard Mercedes 2019 Sprinter is a reversing camera. 


Although a backup camera is standard in the US market, for Europe you have to order it as part of one of the optional “parking packages”. Considering that the 2019 Sprinter comes with the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system is a shame it does not offer this important parking assist technology in the standard package.  


Advantages of installing a reverse camera in your 2019 Sprinter

Mercedes OEM parking packages are expensive. You might be wondering, why you need a reversing camera after all? Why not keeping your Sprinter as it is?

Well, backup cameras are mandatory in some countries like the US for a good reason. They are more than a feature, they can actually save lives. Below is a brief list of the advantages you might expect from installing a reverse camera in your 2019 Sprinter:


Convenience. For most motorists driving in reverse is a real challenge. But if you drive the cargo version of the 2019 Sprinter reversing is definitely harder without the assistance of a backup camera. A good reversing camera provides you with a high-resolution vision of what is behind the van, making parking manoeuvres a breeze.


Prevent accidents. Every year fatal accidents occur around the world. Despite precautions, children and pets are susceptible to be tragically run over. It is simple, the driver does not see them until its too late. Studies have shown that using a backup camera you can prevent such accidents. Most premium reverse cameras integrate with existing parking sensors to offering audible alerts when an obstacle is detected, either by the camera recognition software or the parking sensor.


Money savings. By simply installing a reversing camera you save money in your car insurance premium. If you own a commercial fleet this alone can save you hundreds (if not thousands) in car insurance. Adding a backup camera also prevents scratches and dents which may lower you operativity since you will have downtime during repairs.


Installing a reverse camera in your 2019 Sprinter

Fortunately, you do not have to buy an OEM Mercedes parking package to count with a high-quality reverse camera. If you own a Mercedes 2019 Sprinter Autologics have a solution for you.

We offer Mercedes 2019 Sprinter reverse camera retrofit kits that are 100% compatible with all Mercedes technologies at a fraction of the cost of OEM parking packages. Yet, our affordable reverse camera kits offer you all features you may need, such as augmented reality guide lines, visual alerts, and integration with existing parking sensors just to mention a few.


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