Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

Posted by Simon R 26/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser


Nowadays security should be a top priority for vehicle owners. This is especially true for luxury cars owners who have spent thousands not only in the vehicle itself but in accessories and other extra features. In an era where cybercriminals are on the rise, it’s crucial to be one step ahead and invest in top-notch car security systems like the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser.


First off, Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser honours its name since is undetectable to the eye (like a ghost). It does not use key-fobs or LED indicators that may prevent criminals from its existence. Moreover, Autowatch Ghost is hidden within the vehicle’s wiring at the time of installation, making it almost impossible to find even if you know is there! The ability to remain unnoticed is without any doubt a plus since you can’t deactivate a security system without knowing its location.


Aside from its ‘invisible nature’ Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser has many other advantages. It can automatically engage when you turn your ignition off, meaning you don’t have to remember activating it (or showing everyone you count with an additional security system). To start the car you will need to enter a ‘secret code’ using any of your vehicle existing buttons or levels. What that means is that you can disarm the system using steering wheel buttons, dashboard controls, door buttons, electric seat buttons, as said, any input mechanism already available in your car. This code could consist of up to 20 digits long, being ‘a digit’ any button on your car. The outcome? You can get into your car and start entering a predefined sequence of buttons indistinguishable to anyone watching. Once again, like a ghost, nobody will notice you activate it (because it does it automatically) and nobody will notice you deactivate it since you don’t use a key-fob like most security system in the market.


Worried about the ‘secret sequence’ being compromised? No problem. It can be easily changed as many times as needed. You may be wondering if the system arms/disarms in such stealthy way what happens when you need to give the car to someone else? Fortunately, Autowatch Ghost what designed with such situations in mind. You can use a ‘service mode’ that disengages Ghost’s automatic protection when you wash your car or leave it at the repair shop. During service mode, the vehicle’s speed will be limited to 36mph (58 kph) to prevent abuse or even theft.


Not convinced yet? Autowatch Ghost does not require cutting any wire during its installation, and even so, it can immobilize the car by communicating directly with the vehicle’s computer. This unique approach allows the Ghost to prevent key cloning (since there is no key to clone) but also prevents ECU swapping since it can detect any attempt to disconnect the car’s computer.


If you are looking the next generation of vehicle protection then look no further. Autowatch Ghost offers you automatic protection to your beloved car. Easy to use, difficult to sight. 


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